March Art

Finally getting to a level where I feel comfortable sharing some of my creations. Below are the various photographs, 3D renders, drawings, and paintings I made over the last month. Feel free to share these public versions with others, use them as wallpapers, etc.

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Artemis: God-Queen of The Hunt Video Game Review


Artemis: God-Queen of The Hunt is an indie platformer developed and published by James Leakos and released to Steam on May 29th. Best described as brutally difficult, Artemis, God-Queen of The Hunt is a hand-drawn, ultra-hard twitch platformer with a focus on being airborne.

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Dice Giveaway – Adventure with Advantage and Tabletop Loot

The Adventure with Advantage group is running a giveaway with dice from our sponsor, Tabletop Loot. (we also have some video games to give away) They make some super gorgeous dice and we are excited to be able to share them with others! You can find the giveaway itself at Gleam HERE. Leave a comment on this post for an extra entry into the contest!

Sponsored by Tabletop Loot (the dice) and Iderfox (the games)

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September Update!

Hello everyone!

The stream has been back up and running for a week now, and so far the new computer does alright. Still have some unexpected frame loss issues while broadcasting, but they are for sure not due to computer performance, and are likely due to encoding issues or my stream software having some sort of other problem.

I have been having a blast getting to game with people on Monday and Wednesday, and love getting to run Starfinder tabletop roleplay for the community again.

Thank you again to everyone who stuck by me during the insane downtime.—–In some other news,……..

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