Book Review Template

I will be doing my best to thoroughly review any books I read for the future. Reviews are critical for authors this day and age, so it’s important to do them.

All my reviews will fit within a standard template I’ve made, with an overview and a breakdown for those who want more detailed info. I’ll always avoid spoilers in my posts, since none of us want those.

Also important to note, I avoid spoilers in my reviews, doing my best to not ruin the story for those reading these. So, you can rest safe knowing I am not going to wreck it for you.

Apoc Mora Book Review Template

Cover Image-I start each review off with the primary cover of the book in question. (and ideally a preview of the book too for those available)

Book Blurb: I add the Amazon or other primary selling locations book blurb to introduce the book.


Purchase Link-For those who already know they want it at this stage.


Title: – Title of book

Author: – Writer/s of the book

Series: – Series the book is a part of, and what number in the series this one is.

Publisher: – Who published it, or self published

Length and Cost: – How many pages the book is, and how much its various types cost, like eBook or Paperback, as well as if it is on Kindle Unlimited or other services.

Overall Experience Rating: /10 – This overall rating is roughly an average of the breakdown categories below. Quality of Story is counted twice, as it is most important, and then the score sum total is divided by the number of applicable factors to give an Overall Score. This way, I can include the Audiobook score if applicable.

Genres: – What genres I feel the book fits in. This may differ from what the author or others think it fits.

Type: ebook or audio book – Just saying what way I experienced the book.

Disclosure if applicable – I disclose information like if the book was given to me for free as an alpha, beta, or arc reader, etc. Transparency is important.

Review Overview – This is my ‘shorter’ review where I touch briefly on the main things that influenced the overall score. This is a good middle ground between my TLDR (Too Long Didn’t Read) block, and the full review reading.

Rating break down: – Below I go into the categories I rate each book by separately, and which contribute to the final overall score.

Quality/Depth of Characters: /10 – How detailed the characters are, how flushed out their personalities are, do the interactions make sense based on their personalities and motivations. Points usually lost for shallow characters, or characters who act with no logical self motivation. No one cares about sock puppets, everyone cares for the soulful and driven character with a backstory.

Quality and Depth of World: /10 – How vibrant, alive, and detailed the world is, also taking into account logical things like distances, weather, seasons, etc. A simple one but when it is done poorly, it really shows, and when done well, makes a big difference.

Detail Balance and Completeness: /10 – How thoroughly the author goes into detail on things like magic, science, culture, politics, and how balanced and logical it is. For LitRPG this would be looking at the balance and consistency of game mechanics, for Sci-Fi this is looking at the logic of the science, for magic this is seeing how balanced and consistent it is. Really just looking to see how much thought the author put into the world and keeping it consistent in its own context.

Quality of Story: /10 – Very subjective, I rate the book based on how much I enjoyed the story, and whether or not I needed breaks from it, or could just keep on going from cover to cover. This is definitely the most important ratting, so it counts twice in the total calculation.

Quality of Writing: /10 – This looks at the grammar, number of errors and typos, how clear or confusing wording is, vocabulary used, and how information is organized in the book.

Narration Performance: /10 – Clearness of voice, how easy it is to understand them, sound effects if any and how good or bad they were, volume of the recording and consistency of it, accents and voice imitations, and tone of voice all go into this rating.


TLDR – The barest of info for those in a hurry or plan to come back and read the rest later. I give my total score, the titel, and where to buy it.
Score:  of 10 – Repeat of the overall score

TITLE REPEAT – Like it says, I repeat the title.

Book Sales Link: – I post the primary sales link for the novel for those interested

First in Series Sales Link: – If applicable, I provide a link to the first book in the series for those interested

Authors Primary Link: – Whatever the main link the author generally provides goes here to help them out. Often a personal website or Patreon.

Order parts are made in:

  • Written Review
  • Review Script
  • Audio Review
  • Video Review
  • Live Stream Review (I may stop doing these due to redundancy)

Order Parts of Posted in:

  • Video Review- Youtube
  • Audio Review- Hosted where?
  • Written Review-
    • Blog
    • Facebook Page
    • Facebook Group
    • Patreon (Patrons get written reviews early)
    • Amazon
    • Goodreads
    • Twitter
    • Reddit
    • Personal Facebook
    • Discord Servers
    • Discord Bot List
      • Bot 1
      • Bot 2
  • Live Stream Review- Twitch (I may stop doing these due to redundancy)

If you have any suggestions for books I should review, please let me know! I would love to hear from you!

If you want to help me afford to keep reviewing content, consider supporting me through Patreon, Twitch, Paypal, Streamlabs or Camelot.

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