Video Game Review Template

I will be posting thorough reviews of any games I playthrough on stream in the future.

All my reviews will fit within a standard template.


Order parts are made in:

  • Live Stream/Recording Playthrough
  • Written Review
  • Review Script
  • Video Review
  • Audio Review
  • Live Stream Review? (may cancel these)

Order Parts of Posted in:

  • Live Stream/Recording Playthrough- Twitch, then Youtube once edited.
  • Video Review- Youtube
  • Audio Review- Hosted on Goblin Gazette podcast.
  • Written Review- Full review on Goblin Gazette Blog.
  • Live Stream Review- Twitch (may cancel these)

Video Game Review Template


Video Review

Audio Review

Name of the game, who made it, when it was released, what genre it fits in.

Premise – What the story or premise of the game is, basic style, etc.

Gameplay – How the controls work and what can be used to control the game, what the graphics are like and more on the art style of the game, how music and sounds may be involved, is the game single player, multi, etc.

What I Liked – All the things that stood out as well done or enjoyable and why.

What Can be Improved – What decreased my fun, caused problems, or could have been better.

Final Thoughts – Overall recap in just a few short sentences.

Followed by useful links, such as where to get the game, and my video playthrough.

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