Alpha World Celebration Giveaway ($800 in prizes!)

EVENT OVER. Congrats to our 10 winners and the $600 in prizes they picked for this event! And thank you to all others who participated! Looking forward to future events.

The Winners of the April 2019 Alpha World giveaway event and celebration.
The Winners of the April 2019 Alpha World giveaway event and celebration.

To hear about future events, make sure to join the AW Discord at

This month I wanted to celebrate Daniel Schinhofen, my personal favorite author, reaching 2 years on patreon, 1 year of full time authorship, 400 members on the Discord, 1300 member in the fan FB group, 900 likes on the fan FB page, 200 patrons on Patreon, AG4 coming out soon, and his 14 other novels, not to mention all the fantasticness that has come with this community.

To celebrate this right, I checked with him, as well as some of our fantastic community supporters and donors, and we are running a community giveaway!

Because of region limits, some of these prizes are only available to those in the USA, but we will do our best.

TEN winners will each get to pick up to about $80 USD in prizes EACH.

Prizes you can win and pick from? Audio codes for Apocalypse Gates or Binding Words, Amazon ebook codes for any of his currently published works, a code for 20% off purchases from his merchandise store, or videogames from our HUGE list of game codes, most of which are steam games. (Winners will be sent a comprehensive prize list and such to make their choices)

How to enter? Just follow this link!

You can join us on the Alpha World Discord server for all the latest news and fun with the community! (that includes more future giveaways and free stuff) Join us HERE!

21 thoughts on “Alpha World Celebration Giveaway ($800 in prizes!)

  1. It’s so awesome to see how far you’ve come in the past year- your development as an author is absolutely awe inspiring to any author looking to get into the indie author scene. Keep the good work up!!


  2. I started reading after picking up Gamer for life as a recommended and since then I have read all the others out. I cant wait to see what comes next.


  3. So excited for you. A full year as a professional writer as sole career. And every book thus far is great. Cant wait to read AG 4


  4. I started with Gamer For Life, but have loved every book of his I have read. I hope he continues to write many more. Happy Anniversary Daniel!


    • Good luck!

      The domain can be used to link to get here. For now WordPress fulfills all of my project needs. Perhaps at a later date a fully customized site will be built and that link will become the primary.


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