Radioactive Revolution Book Review (Radioactive Evolution 2)

I rate Radioactive Revolution by Richard Hummel an 8.1 out of 10.

Read the first 3 chapters free!
Read the first 3 chapters free!

Jared and Scarlet emerge from the depths of the earth triumphant. Fire dragons once again live among humans, but is it enough to throw off the chains of captivity binding mankind to a dismal existence?

The rulers in the floating cities tighten the noose around Jared’s neck while dissent among the ranks of the waterfolk heighten, putting everyone he loves and protects in danger. Jared must learn how to lead and guide his people to safety. Fortunately, the continued onslaught from above accelerates the fire dragons acceptance to bond with the waterfolk, allowing them to gain incredible power and develop special abilities.

Even with his super human body and increased power of bonded fire dragons, Jared and Scarlet come to a critical realization; they will never stand against the cities alone. Man and dragon turn their sights to allies near and far to aide them in their quest for vengeance and justice.

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Radioactive Revolution Audio Review

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Title: Radioactive Revolution

Author: Richard Hummel

Series: Radioactive Evolution 1

Publisher: Hummel Books

Length and Cost: 468 pages at $4.99 ebook, $31.99 hard cover, available on Kindle Unlimited

Overall Experience Rating: 8.1 / 10

Genres: Dystopian, Science Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, Survival, Futuristic Apocalypse, GameLit

Type: ebook

Disclosure: I received an advanced copy of this book for my honest review, and purchased a copy when it was released.

Review Overview:
My overview review would be that the story world shows great vibrancy and complexity, but the background characters inversely were not as detailed as I would have liked. Many of the technical details I had problems with in the first book are addressed in this book, and this one is much improved when taking these science and technology factors into account now. The authors improvement can be seen, and I am left looking forward to continued entries in the series, as well as expansion on the histories and deeper events hinted at.

Rating break down: 

Quality/Depth of Characters: 5.5 / 10
As with the first book, this is about a half and half for me. The two primary characters continue to get stronger, but their changes otherwise did not seem very significant, and unfortunately most of those they travel with from the first book continue to effectively be faceless with regards to personality, kind of like support characters. The number of them mattered, but that was about it. Counterbalancing this to a degree are those characters introduced in this book, mostly towards the last quarter of the book, who are both interesting and show deeper personalities.

To be fair, only so much time can be spent on any given character, so the aspect that truly threw me was the main characters overly quick dismissal or choice when faced with ethical or moral dilemmas. The main character on more than one occasion realizes the potential costs or harm of his goals or actions, but instead of thinking them through fully, or going into depth for them, he instead reaches a quick blunt conclusion and just moves on. This makes him seem either brash or shallow in thinking, when it would have instead been an opportunity to better expand on his mental and emotional personality as a character. A similar opportunity was missed with the other members of their group where their resilience could have been better expanded upon, showing their strength and resolve as a community and family.

Quality and Depth of World: 8.5 / 10
Detailed and thoroughly thought out, the locations in the story show the effort and research put into them. Every region the characters visit leaves me increasingly curious of the world around them, as well as wanting more knowledge of the war that lead to the series dystopian state, with some areas decimated ruins, and others abandoned ruins.

A good number of new creatures of introduced, representing further changes in the environments of the earth and enhancing the worlds complexity. I found the new species both interesting in their concepts, and intriguing in their context.

Detail Balance and Completeness: 8.5 / 10
The author has noticeably improved in this regard, with book two showing a better understanding and level of detail and completeness for medicine, biology, firearms, explosives, and chemistry. This stood out to me, as I was pretty harsh on my rating for these in book one, and payed particular attention in book 2. Very pleased to see the author stepping up and delivering increasingly quality.

Further improving this section was the authors expanding of the abilities and powers introduced from both books. More context and situations arose allowing clever usage of them, as well as side effects and unexpected results.

Quality of Story: 9 / 10
A more slow and measured pace than the first, making it a more relaxing read. The focus on character interactions is increased, and this book is definitely one focusing on character growth and future planning. A few interaction sets were kind of repetitive, but that was more due to writing than the actual events.

Seeing the characters abilities get more use and be expanded upon was really cool, and I am expecting some significant increase in them in the third book due to the seconds events. (sorry for the vagueness, trying to avoid spoilers)

Something that can be jarring, but that I wanted to applaud the author for, was having the story so clearly have risk and reward for the characters, with major consequences and drawbacks from actions not only being hinted at, but actually taking place when it makes sense. The punches are not held, and so as the characters fight and strive to grow stronger and better, they face the real possibility of being killed off, or their efforts undone. This first angered me, and then surprised me at the level of my emotional investment.

Lastly, was my excitement of the last quarter of the book as it was very lovely in its density of varied content, and the some big things hinted at, making me really look forward to book three.

Quality of Writing: 8 / 10
There was a noticeable amount of description redundancy, but a more varied vocabulary than the first. Unfortunately there were a fairly high number of odd or overly sudden topic shifts within pages and paragraphs, with rough transitions. Not experience breaking, but jarring enough to be a bit bumpy. The recap introduction at the start was also quite rough and preachy, which for me at least was a turn off when starting the book.

Despite these factors, I still wish to applaud the author for visibly increasing in skill the more he writes, as well as their willingness to receive feedback and typo reports, and for pushing out updates with corrections as applicable.

Narration Performance: N/A


Radioactive Revolution: A Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic Adventure (Book 2)

Score: 8.1 out of 10

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