Three Free LitRPG Books

Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick simple post to share three LitRPG novels that the authors have available for free on Amazon. (some regions only get a discount instead of free unfortunately)

Axillon99 by Matthew Cox is free right now. And you can read the first few chapters below if you would like as well.

Death isn’t a big deal in the virtual world of online gaming, but after poking her nose where it doesn’t belong, Dakota Marx finds herself running for her life―and reality doesn’t come with a respawn.

At twenty-two, she’s still slinging coffee at an Amazon Cafe despite having a degree in programming. It’s not because she’s unlucky, unmotivated, or even that she fancies herself an underground activist crusading against evil corporations… hunting for a ‘real’ job would take time away from her game.

Axillon99 is the world’s most popular multiplayer online experience, with a universe containing billions of planets to explore. Ever since video games broke the screen barrier, plunging players fully into their characters, reality just can’t compete.

Cognition Systems International announces a ten million dollar prize to celebrate the release of the next generation Neurona 4 interface helmet. After her crew decides to try chasing the money, Dakota discovers a sinister intent behind the new technology. Going public threatens the lives of her friends, but keeping CSI’s secret could destroy the very fabric of society.

Pendulum Heroes by James Beamon is also free right now. And you can read the first few chapters below if you would like.

Melvin Morrow has become a barbarian warrior maiden. Will he be able to escape this new, dangerous world and the chainmail bikini he foolishly chose as his armor or will he and his friends be stuck living their lives as their game avatars?

Melvin’s a black teenage boy not used to being ogled or the real world consequences of wearing a steel bikini. But the real world has shifted… him, his friends Jason and Rich, and his big brother Mike are stuck in character, in a place where danger doesn’t lurk because it prefers to boldly stride out in the open.

Mages import game players like Melvin via the Rift Pendulum. The reason: the work’s suicidal and pendulum heroes are insanely powerful. Usually. Melvin and his friends can be, too, if they’re in the right emotional state to trigger into character. Melvin’s a one-man, uh, one warrior maiden army when he’s angry but anger’s hard to find with all that mortal danger striding around everywhere.

It couldn’t get worse. Melvin’s best friend Jason isn’t even human and, thanks to this dangerous world and its axe-wielding inhabitants, quickly becomes not even an archer. His other friend Rich is 15 going on 50 now that he’s in an old mage’s body complete with untameable gray beard. Melvin’s brother Mike looks like a chupacabra and he’s really pissed about that.

The road back home’s at the end of a suicidal quest. Melvin better find something to rage about… because being genre-savvy only gets you so far.

Pendulum Heroes, James Beamon’s debut novel, is an adrenaline fueled adventure for anyone who’s spent a little too much time on the character creation screen instead of playing the game, those of us who have thought just how godmode we’d be with mage power, but mostly it’s for all of us who have wondered who the heck installs a portal to another world in a wardrobe. Fans of Ernest Cline and Scott Meyer better be prepared to fall in love with a new series..

Core Punk by Paul Bellow is another free one, that ends today (Friday) so grab it fast! And like the other two, you can read the first 3 chapters here first if you would like.

After months in a frozen virtual wasteland, Scout still has no answers about how she got trapped in the sick and twisted simulation. While most inhabitants believe their world and the underground shelters that keep them alive are real, Scout knows the truth. As one of only a few who remembers, she’ll do whatever it takes to get answers. 

With no clues about her situation and no way to escape the game, she has only one option; build a better world inside the game for herself and her new found friend, Missy. When rumors about a mysterious broken beacon lead Scout deep into Shelter 12’s black market, she sees an opportunity to advance. Harrison is just the man to help her. 

The shrewd smuggler is anxious to unload the strange device as his ticket to a better life, and he needs all the help he can get. Scout assists him, but she has plans of her own. Once she achieves enough power, she will turn her attention to how and why everyone is trapped. Nothing will stop her from the learning the truth. Or so she thinks.

Due to my long reading backlog, it will be a while before I get to any of these for reviews, but I look forward to digging into them.

Well, that is it for today everyone. Coming soon will be my written and audio podcast reviews of Dark Hand, the 7th book in Daniel Schinhofen’s Alpha World series, and Life Reset, the first book in Shemer KuznitsNew Era Online series. Both are deep crunchy LitRPG novels. Not to mention a new game review of a not yet released platformer game best described as brutal death.

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