Fateseal Audiobook Giveaway

Fateseal, Deck of Souls book 1 audiobook cover

Bonnie L. Price is hosting a giveaway of Fateseal, the first in her Deck of Souls series, to celebrate the release of the the audiobook version to Audible.

Four winners will get free copies of the audiobook, to be redeemed through Audible.

Because of region limits, only those in the US and UK can win the audiobook. All others can buy the book here if wanted.

How to enter? Just follow this link!


You can also join Bonnie’s personal discord here!

To hear of more community events we also have the Alpha World Discord server, where similar events will be shared in the future too. HERE! https://discord.gg/wseysCE

Good luck!

One thought on “Fateseal Audiobook Giveaway

  1. Soundbooth does quality work so I’ll definitely be looking into this book regardless of winning the giveaway or not. If you haven’t you should absolutely post on reddit as they have a way of kingmaking books like this.



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