My Computer is Broken

First, sorry for the memes, I am going insane over here.

The dark ages return!

Life decided that my computer should stop working, so, yeah, it really is broken. For now I must put on hold all streams and events I host, since I do not have the ability to do them. My heartfelt apologies to all the authors, gamers, and others who I will be letting down during this caveman time.

Thank you to all the generous donors, subscribers, patrons, sponsors and friends who have contributed to the stream (that includes every follower and viewer), as that has me well on my way to building a replacement rig. I am hoping to be back up and running stronger than ever as soon as possible. Without all of your support, I would likely be boned.

To better reward this fantastic community for sticking by me, I am revamping my Patreon to cost less and give more, as well as working to have more perks for subscribers, donators, and sponsors. I will be trying to make a dedicated page on my website to list out what people can get through these various systems, so you can maximize your perks and rewards.

Silver Lining: When my system is back up and running, I will hopefully have just about enough spare parts on hand to build two home servers, which will be used for some long planned community features, which I hope to be well worth the wait. These features will be available for all to use, with extra perks for community supporters.

If you have any personal requests, comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know here or through any of my various accounts, including Discord, Email, or the Contact Form.


And with that, I am going to get some sleep. Goodnight all! -Apoc Mora

Update 7/3 – It looks like the damage will likely be covered by my insurance, which would be great, as it looks like my motherboard, CPU, GPU, PSU, RAM, primary hard drive, extra internal harddrives, and 3D mouse are all out for the count or close to it.

What I do not know is if my disk drive, water block and radiator still work. I will be trying to test those tonight. (fingers crossed on that backup drive, or I am really in the toilet)

On the bright side I think my case, case wiring, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, headphones, headphones stand, speakers, stereo, and desktop lights are ok. At least my testing so far has me confident. Pretty sure my backup harddrive is good too. Monitors may be ok, but they were acting odd.

Update 7/8 – Computer continues to be not right. Pretty sure the spilled drink shorted some things out or is causing cross overs for circuits, which is leading to all sorts of odd effects when I tried to troubleshoot the problems. Right now I am pretty sure the previously mentioned parts are troubled. (3D mouse was soaked and does not respond when I try to plug it into my laptop). Monitors are also still acting up, and displaying weirdly. Not sure if they also got short circuited, or if it is a symptom of the primary PCs problems.

The insurance claim has been started, and I will be working with USAA to hopefully get this figured out. Spills are specifically covered in my policy (getting that policy 2-3 years ago was very intentional just in case) so fingers crossed.

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