And We Are Back!

Hello everyone!

Been a while since I last posted any new content or updates for you all, so I figured a general update post was a good idea. A heads up, this is a pretty long update as I am about two months behind on stuff. Hopefully the potential rewards and deals included make up for it!

TLDR for those who don’t want this WALL of text.
Broke phone, broke computer, repaired car, replaced phone, built new computer.
Megafly3D affiliated, discounts and perks for Patreon patrons.
First Patreon supporter!
TY Twitch subs!
Donor Dash for charity.
New Schinhofen fan server, rebranding of the old one.
Lily and I will be at Nan Desu Kan in Denver, Colorado the 23rd to 25th!

The biggest change from this last month would be the major shift for the AW Discord. Since the server has grown so varied and so wide spread, Daniel Schinhofen has decided to start up a new dedicated authors server for his works and fans. This of course meant that the Alpha World Discord and community is no longer the primary DJ fan server, and left it in need of a new name, and a new purpose.

As of today, the new name of the community is Iderfox and it and all its parts will continue as a dedicated community for people who can live and let live as they experience life and all its variety and splendor. This is going to be coming with a variety of changes to the Discord, to make new, or remove old channels, add in some new features, boost our recruitment, support those who want to run groups or events, and continue the other clubs and events we already have.

Over the last two months, my phone (and me) ended up inside a swimming pool together, so a new phone was needed, my car went into the shop for three weeks to repair some hail and paint damage, and my main computer took a beverage shower, which didn’t do it any favors. Thanks to being prepared and having insurance I was able to survive all this financially.

So, the phone and car are not too interesting, but the computer was another story.

After spilling a drink on the computer, cleaning the whole computer, and then trying and failing to keep using it, I started up a claim with USAA and dropped it off for a diagnostic with Microcenter (best computer store EVER). When the diagnostic was done they let me know that 5 of the 7 drives had failed, and one was suggested for replacement. the two top case fans were hosed, software and some data was lost, and my 3D mouse was of course completely SOL due to its sugary rinse. YIKES.

Thankfully the diagnostic and costs of repair and replacement (minus my deductible) were covered by my plan, and I was able to get all the parts needed ordered, and decided to use the tech fund I had been building to do an upgrade set early. A greatful shout out to Kuro and Eros for their help figuring out what hardware would be smart to go with. Thank you! (Edit: Thank you Pilot, Dame, and several others I am forgetting here who also helped!) Hopefully I can start streaming and hosting games again soon. (still having some keyboard issues to figure out)

The next thing I wanted to share is that I am not only sponsored, but also affiliated with Megafly3D now. (the company who has given us dice towers to give away in the past, and also has donated funds and equipment to the stream and community)

What does this mean? I will get a portion of any purchase people make using my Megafly3D sales link or code. Even better? Anyone who supports me on Patreon can get 10% offf of any and every purchase they make from Megafly3D! The tiers who get this perk are marked on Patreon.

Moving right along, this past month I got to celebrate getting my first Patreon patron ever! This has me super excited, and as they went for the highest tier, giving them access to all three tiers of Patron rewards.

I can’t wait to be back up and running and putting out more fresh content!

Anyone else who is interested in such rewards can look at my Patreon for better details of what you get, and what sort of stuff the support lets me do.

I also wanted to give a thankful shoutout to all those who Subscribe to my Twitch channel, as that has let me pay for upgrades over time, like that gorgeous green screen, and the rest of the new build in the photo above. If anyone has Amazon Prime or Twitch Prime you can subscribe to my channel for free, and that also comes with some benefits. If you are a subscriber don’t forget those viewer points can be spent on prizes like video games!

Oh, and another fun thing from this past month, was the weekend I participated in the 20th annual Donor Dash, an event that is meant to both honor organ and tissue donors, celebrate recipients, and increase participation in the donation system. Several hundred people showed up for the 5k event, and I had a fun time running along with a friend and her dog, and meeting a few other cool people at the event. I hope to do more charity events like this in the future, and hopefully get sponsored for a few of them. If you know a person or company interested in sponsoring such charity events, please let them know!

And lastly, Lily and I will be going to Nan Desu Kan again this year, Denver’s wonderful yearly Japanese culture convention! If anyone is going make sure to let us know through comments here or in the community Discord!

Wow, that sure was a ton of stuff. Thanks for hanging in there!

That is all for the latest news and info on my end, so as always, thank you for being along for this journey!

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