September Update!

Hello everyone!

The stream has been back up and running for a week now, and so far the new computer does alright. Still have some unexpected frame loss issues while broadcasting, but they are for sure not due to computer performance, and are likely due to encoding issues or my stream software having some sort of other problem.

I have been having a blast getting to game with people on Monday and Wednesday, and love getting to run Starfinder tabletop roleplay for the community again.

Thank you again to everyone who stuck by me during the insane downtime.—–In some other news,……..

Join us on Discord!

In some other news, I also think my webcam may be dying, and might replace that soon. (or if I am lucky it will be a solvable problem and I can save that money for the next server box and capture card) but we will see. Heck, it may even be the USB PCIE card I got to have enough USB ports.

Oh, and something nifty, the various stream minigames are all finally working right (that even includes the Heist game which has not worked until literally tonight!) and all stream chatbot commands now work while both online and offline, so you can use them whenever. The downside is that the bot no longer responds in Discord and I do not know if that functionality will be returning. Baby steps.

And while I said baby steps, here is a little leap I wanted to geek out about. The stream bot now has nifty female robot voice alerts for the following. (number before each block indicates how many variants I have for those alerts)
Default sub alert, tier 1 sub alert, default gift sub and 1 default anonymous gift sub alerts, tier 2 sub alert, streak share alert, default multiple gift sub, default anonymous multiple gift sub alerts, food alert and facemask alert, loyalty reward redeem alert, crypto donation alert
General resub alerts, normal donation alerts, patreon alerts, alerts for Extra Life and Tiltify charity donations
Follower alerts, Twitch Prime sub alerts, host alerts, bits alerts, raid alerts, merchandise alerts

I have, but can not get working the single, single gifted, and multi gifted alerts for tiers 2 and don’t have audio for tier 3 yet. Also have some other audio toys I will try and find uses for.

As for the Loyalty Rewards that people can pick from, there are the norms like Twitter Follows, Shoutouts, Steam Adds, you know the drill. But I am also going to be adding back in all those fun items people requested such as:
Truth or Dare, Ask a Question, various games, and varying quality art commissions. (those art commissions are pretty much just limited to how much effort I choose to put into them, so quality is going to vary wildly) If you have any other reward ideas or requests let me know!

And to finish off, a question:

Would Patrons like to receive an undetermined amount of Doom Dough (the loyalty points I use) with their monthly subscriptions? The amount would be weighted per tier just like the Twitch sub tiers, and would mean more pickable goodies. This would be added into each tier as a monthly reward but receiving the points would require having a Twitch account I can give the points too.

Ok, that is all, and hope you are all doing great!

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