Project Tracking and Planning

This is where I will be keeping a public list of current, upcoming, and potential projects, for anyone curious. I will update this as I organize and prioritize projects.

Feedback, suggestions, and requests are welcome. Just use the Contact Us page to send in your thoughts. (or leave a comment below)

Scheduled Deadlines or in Progress

Review – Warlock
Review – Life Reset 1
Review – Alpha World 7
Review – Binding Words 3
Review – Other DJ book
Play and Review – Deep Under the Sky (due June 27th)
Review – Limitless Lands 1, 2 and 3
Play and Review – Goat of Duty
Play and Review – Jalopy
Write – Writing Club #2
Play and Review – Moonbase Commander
Review – Bioshock 1
Review – Patch 17
Review – Dad Quest
Plan – D&D 5e Event

Book Reviews

  • DCO
  • Accidental Thief
  • Dungeon World
  • Couch Potato Chaos
  • Pickle Pie
  • Endless Online
  • Land of the Dying
  • Killing Time
  • Barrow King
  • Tower of Gates (multiple omnibus?)
  • The Desert Sequence
  • Dragon Seed
  • Hazard Online
  • Pull (Deep darkness)
  • Arisen
  • Awaken Online
  • Greystone Chronicles
  • Patch 17
  • Bandwidth
  • Morningwood
  • Tamer
  • Necropolis
  • Mark of Fire
  • Enemy: A Dark Fantasy Novel

Game Reviews To Do

  • Dad Quest
  • Bioshock 1
  • Bioshock 2
  • Deep Under the Sky
  • The Forest
  • Jackbox Games (Drawful and those from Pack 2)
  • Elite Dangerous
  • Goat of Duty
  • Jalopy
  • Moonbase Commander

Creative Projects

  • Art
    • Arts and Crafts Twitch Event List and Collection
    • Digital
      • General Stream Banner*
      • Glyax Elemental Dungeons Orbs*
      • Starfinder Image Edits for upcoming modules*
      • Sub Tier 1 emoji – Tin Can RIP Tomb Stone 18px x 18px, 36px x 36px, and 72px x 72px*
      • Tier 1, 3, 6, 12 loyalty badges. Snake girl with colors and numbers*
      • Writing Prompt Images
    • Physical
      • Physical Art Stream Scene (pending funds for secondary webcam)
      • 3D Print Touchup Streams
      • Tabletop Figurine work and painting streams
      • Mini Thresh Lantern Priming
      • Mini Thresh Lantern Painting
      • Modular Tabletop Ruins Assembly
        • Buildings
        • Door 1
        • Door 2
    • 3D Modeling
      • Event banner blank (can insert prompt images for example)*
      • Radioactive Evolution Worm 3D Figure*
      • Radioactive Evolution Worm Dice Tower
        • Variant with Catch Tray At Bottom
      • Megafly Dice Box
      • Alpha Company Logo and Dice Box
      • Binding Words Logo and Dice Box
      • Apocalypse Gates Logo and Dice Box
      • Radioactive Evolution Logo, maybe dice box
      • Colony One Alex Smith Figurine (Talk to SubVersion)
      • Glyax Lithograph Orbs*
  • 3D Printing (use cubic sub infill for efficient infill)
    • 3D Scanner Platform
    • Custom Cup Holder
    • Life Size Thresh Lantern
    • Artemis Badges (need updated files)
    • New camera mount (stationary rather than mounted to plate?)
      • Modify camera focus
  • Writing
    • Prompt List Prep
    • Kobolds-Dracomic
    • Dopplegangers-Neb
    • Half Creatures (Dragon, celestial, fiend, werewolf/bear/tiger/shark) – Dame (I like them because you can add the template to just about any creature and make it even cooler. I’m playing in a game right now that has a Half-dragon centaur! Flying horse woman for the win!)
    • Tiefling-Kuro
    • Tarn-Weres are good, Ksariks are bad (Cthulu dogs in starfinder with the spines)
    • Drow-Damon
    • Horizon walker-Kingblunkers
    • Gray Elf-Snek
    • Ash-dust eater from tome of beasts is one of the most aesthetically pleasing creatures I have seen
    • Zombies and undead-Karthas (Typically the situation surrounding why undead are there is cool. It’s kind of creepy and keeps everyone on their toes. And they aren’t looking out for their own well being. They just want to kill, so it’s makes them fun to run because they have to sense of self-preservation)
  • Game Design
    • DCO Game with Solphestus
      • Sprites
        • Items
        • Monsters and Creatures
        • Traps
        • Player Models
        • Equipment
      • Rooms
      • Cards

Stream Projects

  • Streams
    • The Forest (group Thursday playthrough when able)
    • Apex Legends (as needed on Thursdays)
    • League of Legends (as needed on Thursdays)
    • Starfinder (ongoing on Tuesdays)
  • Game Review Prep
    • Stream Scene*
    • Event List and Collection*
    • Event Banners*
  • Live Writing Prep (pending prompts)
    • Stream Layout
    • Event List and Collection
    • Event Banners (pending art projects)
    • Wattpad Prep
    • Royal Road Prep
  • Games to prep for
    • Artemis Bridge Simulator
      • Event Posts (timed posts and scheduling)
    • Empty Epsilon
      • Event Banner
      • Event Posts (timed posts and scheduling)

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