Eden Redd Free Ebook Giveaway! July 14th and 15th!

Grab 5 free ebooks from Eden Redd for the next 2 days, all of which tie into her Guardian Craft series. Get em quick! Though a heads up, these are mature stories for grown adults. I suggest 18+.

Eden Redd July 14th and 15th ebook giveaway banner.
Free Eden Redd ebooks!
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Three Free LitRPG Books

Happy Friday everyone! Just a quick simple post to share three LitRPG novels that the authors have available for free on Amazon. (some regions only get a discount instead of free unfortunately)

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Book Review Template

I will be doing my best to thoroughly review any books I read for the future. Reviews are critical for authors this day and age, so it’s important to do them.

All my reviews will fit within a standard template I’ve made, with an overview and a breakdown for those who want more detailed info. I’ll always avoid spoilers in my posts, since none of us want those.

Also important to note, I avoid spoilers in my reviews, doing my best to not ruin the story for those reading these. So, you can rest safe knowing I am not going to wreck it for you.

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